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Imagine sitting under an enormous, leafy-green tree daydreaming about the good things in life – love, happiness, and family. At Reliable Tree Care, we dream of a world filled with healthy, air-cleaning, vibrant trees for you and your family to enjoy. We offer exceptional, comprehensive service and care for your trees and shrubs. We provide professional tree diagnosis from our highly-trained certified Arborists, state-of-the-art insect control and advanced disease treatment, as well as expert trimming methods which cultivate health and vitality for every tree and shrub that we nurture.

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Complete Tree and Shrub Care and More

At Reliable Tree Care, you can count on us to prescribe the proper care your property needs at the correct time. We offer a variety of services year round including disease control, fruit tree care, fertilization, trimming and holiday lighting.

insect control

Insect Control

With so many different insects that damage your trees and shrubs, it takes an expert to assess the situation and recommend the best treatment. At Reliable Tree Care, we study the life cycles of the insects most prevalent in your area....

disease control Utah

Disease Control

Help! My tree looks sick! Utah is unique. Your trees are subject to many different diseases, fungi and bacteria. Our certified arborists are trained to identify issues and prescribe a proper treatment plan. Early detection and treatment...

fertilization utah


Trees get stressed out too! They face environmental pressures, such as over-watering, compacted soil, and pollution. Your trees and shrubs deserve a fertilization program that has been developed through many years of research and trial....

fruit tree care utah

Fruit Tree Care

Separate, but equal! Fruit trees are not treated in the same way as your other trees. Your fruit trees require regular pruning and insect treatments to keep them at their best. Our qualified technicians use correct trimming and spraying...

Utah Tree Trimming


Trimming your trees and shrubs can be tricky and is better left to an expert. Our arborists and staff are trained to safely and properly trim your trees. Let us enhance and restore your trees canopy, giving it both health and beauty....

holiday lighting utah

Holiday Lighting

Never trip another circuit breaker. Don’t worry about getting the ladder out, untangling those lights and trying to find that bulb that went out…We will take care of everything for you. Christmas Décor provides you with unparalleled...

Our Clients Say

Will Snyder

”Dear Reliable, Thank you for the treatment to the Sugarhouse park trees. The pro bono is truly appreciated. I cannot afford to take care of the trees that I donated, and the park has no money- you were great! Heidi was most kind. Continue reading “Will Snyder” »

Stephanie R.

“I just wanted to call because I just got home after my service this afternoon today. And I just wanted to thank you guys, because being in the service industry myself, I am a big advocate for responsiveness and customer service. And you guys have done an amazing job this year. Continue reading “Stephanie R.” »

Stacy P.

“You’re doing very well. It was a pleasure meeting your Arborist. Though my husband asked why we’re trying to save this tree, the idea of a Japanese Maple appeals much more to him. Oh well, Continue reading “Stacy P.” »

Sam. M

“I consider Jim’s advice about trees invaluable.  He obviously knows what he’s talking about.  He’s helped me make better choices for many trees I’ve planted in Continue reading “Sam. M” »

Sally S.

“Thank you, the trees look great”

Pat Shosted

”A+ job! Thank you for my happy shrubs!”

Leslie J.

“Thank you for doing such a great job!  I appreciate the fact that you left no mess at all!”

Leslie G.

“Hello, this is Leslie G. And your crew came out today, and I’m afraid it took them a long time to fix our lights and all in the cold, but they just look wonderful. So I wanted to say thank you very Continue reading “Leslie G.” »

Lee and Denise Muskat

“The crew did a great job and took care to ensure they did a professional job including clean-up.”

Jeri P. J

“Thank you for your fine work. I feel more confident having arborists take care of my trees.”

Jean C.

“I am very pleased with your workmanship it is great! Thank you!”

George M

“I appreciated the work the crew did. The work was just like I wanted. The workers were polite and I admired their work ethic! They were hard workers and the work was exhausting. Continue reading “George M” »

Edrie B.

“Thanks! Tree trim made tree so much better! Guys were very nice, polite & professional. Will call on you next year for additional work as needed.”

Cheryl C.

“Your Certified Arborists did an excellent job on our trees. The shaping they did on my Hawthorn trees was great! I will recommend Reliable to other Continue reading “Cheryl C.” »

Brad Sheppard

“Thank you! It looks great!”

Barbara Jensen

”Great Job – Thanks Clinton & thanks guys with chainsaws!”

Arthur T.

“You have provided wonderful services to me and my trees during the 2008 season. Your staff is always polite, efficient, and they clean up after themselves.

Thank you!”

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