Tree Removal Advice: 5 Reasons to Get Rid of Old Tree Stumps

Get Rid of Old Tree StumpsMust you call a tree-removal service to get rid of that old stump in your yard, or can you just leave it there? In most cases, arborists recommend stump removal. Why? No. 1: Tree Stumps Are Hazardous An old stump could be dangerous for your kids, as they could easily trip and fall when running and playing in the yard. Neighbors and visitors might also take a tumble, and if someone is injured, you could be held liable. Stumps that are low to the ground can also be a lawn-care hazard. You or your landscape service could accidentally hit a stump and damage mowing equipment, requiring a trip to the repair shop. No. 2: Tree Stumps Attract Insects If you leave an old stump to rot, it can attract wood-boring insects. Beetles, carpenter ants, termites and many other pests

5 Tree Services to Consider this Fall

Tree Services to Consider this FallWith professional tree services, your trees can remain healthy all winter and be ready to grow strong next spring. Just like lawns and gardens, trees are vulnerable to weather changes. To prepare them for survival during the colder months, they need some care and attention. Winter will be here in Utah before you know it, so consider the five tree services below for fall. No. 1: Tree Evaluation If you’ve never gotten tree services, schedule a professional checkup. A comprehensive evaluation will reveal the condition of your trees as well as any issues that may need to be addressed. Trees with problems will be able to get the care they require to survive through the winter. No. 2: Fall Tree Soil Care You may already know that your lawn benefits from fertilization

The Importance of Tree Insect Control in Utah

Importance of Tree Insect ControlIn Utah, tree insect control is quickly becoming a critical concern. Besides the many potentially damaging pests that are native to our area, changes in our climate are driving new pests into our state. Some of these pests aren’t much more than a nuisance that may eat your fruit or cause foliage to become unsightly. Others, however, can kill your trees before you know they even exist. The Potential Damage of Tree Insects Every year, we talk to customers who had their fruit tree crop decimated by some type of pest or another. Although this is frustrating – and, if you sell your crop, potentially costly – your trees will live to see another year. The same can be said for tree insects that cause cosmetic damage. The more dangerous pests, and the ones you need to worry abo

Planting Trees for Energy Efficiency in Utah

Planting Trees for Energy EfficiencyDid you know that planting trees can save you money on your power bill and help the environment? You probably already knew about the second part, but when trees are selected and sited correctly, you can reduce electricity use in both summer and winter. Planting Trees for Summer Shade To maximize summer shade and minimize power use, consider how your home is oriented. Typically, you want to shade the east and west windows most, and the south face of the home if possible. Choose deciduous shade trees for this purpose, and once they grow to a sufficient height, you can prune the bottom branches away to preserve your views. Concrete and asphalt surfaces raise the ambient temperature around the home. You can offset this by planting trees that will shade your driveway and patio.

Tree Pruning Eases Summer Stress

Tree PruningA little tree pruning this summer will go a long way toward helping your trees overcome the stress that summer causes them. Not unlike humans, your trees get stressed in the heat of the season. But summer can cause some other problems you may not even be aware of, and you can help offset a lot of these stressors. For the tree pruning part of the equation, you’ll need a qualified Utah arborist. What Stresses Your Trees During the Summer? As we’ve already mentioned, temperature extremes — particularly on the high side — can stress your Utah shade, ornamental and fruit trees. The heat prompts the plant to move as many resources as possible to the leaves, in an attempt to reduce scorch. Summer storms can bring high winds. But even if they don’t break limbs, win