Falling Trees and Property Damage – Who’s Responsible?

falling trees property damagePaying to repair property damage from falling trees can be expensive. Which leads to the question – who has to cover that cost? The answer isn’t clear-cut, as several factors come into play when determining who’s financially responsible for damage from a falling tree. However, it generally comes down to ownership and insurance coverage. Here’s what you need to know. Who Owns the Tree? To figure out who has to pay for property damage, you need to know who owns the tree. Ownership is based upon where the trunk sits. If the trunk is on your property, you’re the owner. Trees with trunks that are situated on your neighbor’s property are theirs – even if the foliage hangs over your lawn. When the trunk is directly on the property line, you and your neighbor are co-own

Do You Need a Permit for Tree Removal in Utah

permit tree removalChances are, you probably won’t need a permit for tree removal. In most cases, you don’t need anyone’s permission if you want to take down one of the trees on your northern Utah property. That said, there are some instances where the decision might not be in your hands. Some species are protected by state law, and the location of both your home and the tree could prevent you from proceeding with the removal. Permits are Necessary for Utah Heritage Species The Utah Heritage Tree Act was enacted back in 1975 to preserve the state’s scenic beauty by protecting species that are rare or have historical significance as well as specimens that have exceptional size, form or age for their species. A permit is required to remove a heritage tree, and several species are included

Does Peeling Tree Bark Mean You Need an Arborist?

Peeling Tree Bark ArboristHave you spotted peeling tree bark in your landscape recently? Seeking advice from a local arborist could be in your best interest. Peeling tree bark isn’t always a cause for concern. But, in some cases, bark loss can point to a bigger problem – and when it comes to tree care, certified arborists are the experts. If one of your trees has peeling bark, an arborist can check it out and, if necessary, nurse it back to health. Peeling Bark is Normal for Some Species Peeling can be a natural part of the growth process, as the old outer covering is shed to make way for new bark. This may occur very slowly – at such a slow pace that the bark falling away is hardly noticeable – or the shedding process may be quite dramatic. Tree species that are often prone to peeling bark

Fall Tree Pruning in Utah – Yes or No?

fall tree pruning UtahWhat are the rules for fall tree pruning? So, should you schedule this task (or undertake it yourself) in the coming weeks? Many homeowners believe it’s a good idea to prune once the leaves drop, as leafless branches have all of their imperfections exposed, making it easy to see where to cut. However, certified arborists don’t always believe that fall tree pruning is advisable. Why Heavy Fall Pruning Is Not Recommended Certified arborists advise taking a cautious approach to pruning in the fall. Heavy pruning in multiple areas should wait and, depending on which species reside on your property, you may want to avoid using the pruners at all during the autumn months. Heavy fall pruning can lead to future tree health problems. Branch wounds heal more slowly in th

Tree Insect Control: Pests that Infest Ornamental Aspens

tree insect control aspensIf you have ornamental aspens on your property, you may need a professional tree insect control service. Aspens thrive in the forests of the Intermountain West, but they aren’t as well adapted to the environmental conditions of the Wasatch Front. When aspens are planted outside their preferred region, they’re more susceptible to insect infestations. Several pests can cause problems for ornamental aspen trees. But with professional tree insect control service, you can avoid four types of insects that commonly infest aspens. Aspen Borers A few different species of boring beetles like to infest ornamental aspen trees, tunneling into the trunks and weakening the wood. The most effective method of insect control for aspen borers is to maintain vigorous tree health. Syste