Tree Aphid Formation, Issues Caused and Control Methods, Part 1

tree aphid issues controlAs spring comes into full bloom and soon gives way to summer, those with trees on their property have to consider a few seasonal care areas. One such area is the prevention of several pests that may begin invading trees and other plant areas this time of year, and a top culprit here is the aphid. At Reliable Tree Care, our certified arborist services include a wide range of tree disease control services, including treatment for aphids, spidermites and scale. Aphids are some of the most common tree-related pests out there, with over 4,000 known species that can create several issues – this two-part blog will dig into how they form and the issues they present to your trees and property, plus how you can go about spotting them and removing them safely. Aphid Formation Aphids tend t

Protecting Trees from the Hot, Dry Utah Summer

protecting trees Utah summeAs those who have lived here for any significant period of time are well aware, summers in Utah are hot, dry affairs. For those with trees they care for on their property, helping them establish root systems and obtain proper water and other nutrients despite long drought periods is a vital task. At Reliable Tree Care, we’re here to help through several tree care services. We offer everything from tree fertilization to high-quality tree trimming and removal services when needed, plus numerous other areas of certified arborist expertise to keep your trees healthy and beautiful throughout the warm season. Let’s go over a few important areas for protecting trees during the hot, dry summer. Mulch Concerns As some tree and shrub owners well know after years of use, mulch holds mul

Protecting Trees and Property From Wildfire Risks

protecting trees property wildfireAs we move out of winter and into the warmer months of the year, those across many parts of the United States will have to be on greater alert for wildfires. These months see fire risks rise for most of the western US, with the kind of wildlife present that can promote the spread of fire if not properly checked. At Reliable Tree Care, we’re dedicated to every area of care for your trees and property, from insect and disease control to physical safety areas. Trees are vital property areas to understand when it comes to fire mitigation and staying safe during this season – here are some general themes to understand when it comes to wildfire risks and limiting them on your property. Risks of Wildfire Unfortunately, part of the reason wildfires are so common in this area of the co

Common Tree Pruning Mistakes to Avoid

tree pruning mistakes avoidWhen it comes to care for virtually every tree type out there, pruning is a vital consideration. Important for everything from tree health to appearance and more, tree pruning helps your trees with density issues, broken or damaged branches, and other areas where removal will help the tree grow properly and live longer. At Reliable Tree Care, we’re proud to offer a wide range of branch structure pruning and other tree trimming services at your fingertips. While this is a common and necessary process, it’s one that comes with a few pitfalls to avoid – the kind that professional arborists help you steer far clear of. Let’s go over a few such areas within the world of tree pruning, detailing some areas to stay away from when it comes to trimming. New Trees There are slightl

Keeping Trees Prepared for Larger Storm Risks

trees prepared storm risksNo matter what time of year it is, trees on a given property need to be protected from certain storm risks. Storms including high winds and other elements create tree movement that can put both the tree and certain building or property elements at risk if the proper steps aren’t taken. At Reliable Tree Care, we’re here to help with all your tree care and protection needs, from tree trimming that will help remove risky elements to disease control that will ensure your trees are strong enough to withstand the most arduous elements. Making sure your trees are properly cared for so they’ll be ready to face the next major storm comes down to a few very simple areas, each of which our arborists are proud to assist you with at a moment’s notice. Let’s go over each such area, plus so