Tree Insect Control to Combat the Flathead Borer

Tree Insect Control:Without tree insect control services, pests like flathead borers can have a devastating effect on your landscape. Pacific flatheaded and flatheaded apple tree borers attack fruit and ornamental trees here in northern Utah. Newly planted trees are particularly prone to borer activity, as are those that are stressed or wounded. A flathead borer infestation can weaken or even lead to the death of a tree. Fortunately, professional tree insect control services can prevent the spread of these destructive pests. What Are Flathead Borers? Flathead borers are wood-boring pests about one-half to three-quarters of an inch long. These pests have oval heads and flattened, boat-shaped bodies. Pacific flatheaded borers are brown with gray markings, while the apple tree species is gree

Fruit Tree Care: How to Thin Your Fruit Trees

Fruit Tree Care: How to Thin Your Fruit TreesProactive fruit tree care can benefit all your trees, keeping them healthy, strong and productive for many years to come. Thinning, (removing some of the fruits before they have a chance to mature) might seem counterintuitive. But in the long run, the practice provides many significant benefits. Thinning helps prevent limb damage from a heavy load, discourages early fruit drop and improves the quality of the harvest. The quantity of young fruits you need to remove varies depending on the type of trees you have. Apple Break up fruit clusters so that one choice apple remains. Usually the best one to keep is the middle bloom in the cluster, as that has the best chance to develop into a large, healthy apple. As you’re thinning each branch, try to leave about 6 to 8 

Tree Care Tips: Protecting Your Trees During Home Construction 

Tree Care Tips: Protecting Your Trees During Home Construction Tree care is an important part of planning a home construction project. Construction activities can damage or kill your beautiful, healthy trees. But with a little planning and forethought, you can ensure that your landscape survives your building project unscathed. Working with an experienced local arborist such as the Reliable Tree Care team can help minimize the impact of construction on your trees. Certified arborists understand the steps necessary for protecting against tree damage during a home building project. Evaluate Trees Near the Planned Construction Site Before the building project begins, your arborist will walk the property and conduct a tree inventory. Landscaping trees that are close enough to be damaged by the building process can often be moved, but

4 Reasons Tree Trimming Is Important

4 Reasons Tree Trimming Is ImportantNorthern Utah homeowners may neglect tree trimming, thinking they’re saving money or that this service isn’t critical. The reality is that giving your trees a regular trim is an investment in their health and longevity. Landscaping trees add beauty and value to your property, and maintenance is essential to protect that value. If you’re tempted to skip regular tree-trimming services, take a moment to consider all the reasons you shouldn’t. No. 1: Tree Appearance Trees that aren’t regularly trimmed can grow to look unbalanced and misshapen. Branches may sprout off in strange directions and this uneven growth can make your trees appear bedraggled. Trimming is like a much-needed haircut, one that enhances the tree’s natural shape. Thinning out limbs and cutting

Seek an Arborist’s Advice about Tree Removal

Seek an Arborist’s Advice about Tree RemovalGet an arborist’s opinion first if you’re thinking of tree removal. This is even more important if the tree is old. Making the decision to remove an old tree is never easy, and it can be difficult to know when its time has come. Because this decision should be based on several factors, including its health and location, getting advice from a local certified arborist is important. Not all old trees need to be removed. If cared for properly, many can remain in place for years to come. A local certified arborist has the expertise to tell if yours poses a problem. If so, they can remove it. Why Your Arborist May Recommend Old Tree Removal In evaluating trees for removal, a certified arborist is guided by a risk assessment protocol. This involves several key con