Tree Disease Control: Treating Trees Affected by Anthracnose

Tree Disease Control: Treating Trees Affected by AnthracnoseA tree disease control service can help with a variety of problems, but getting help is even more important if your trees are affected by anthracnose. Often referred to as twig, shoot or leaf blight, tree anthracnose is caused by a fungal infection. The disease thrives during extended periods of cool, wet weather and can be spread by watering. Without treatment, infected trees can become weaker, increasing the risk for insect infestation and permanent damage. But with proper tree disease control, anthracnose can be managed and even prevented. How to Identify Tree Anthracnose Symptoms of anthracnose can vary depending on the plant host, the weather and what time of year the fungal infection occurs. To identify the disease, look for the following common signs: Leaves: Ant

Utah Tree-Planting Guide to Celebrate Arbor Day

Utah Tree Planting Guide to Celebrate Arbor DayFor expert Utah tree-planting advice, you need look no further than the certified arborists at Reliable Tree Care. National Arbor Day falls on April 27 this year, which makes this month an ideal time to consider adding a few new trees to your Utah landscape. Planting Balled and Burlapped Trees New landscaping trees often come with their roots wrapped in a burlapped ball. To plant a tree that’s balled and burlapped, follow these steps: Dig a saucer-shaped hole that’s two or three times as wide and deep as the root ball, taking care not to disturb the soil at the bottom Lift the tree by the root ball — not the trunk — and place it in the hole. Use wire cutters to remove the basket, rope and twine, then cut away the excess burlap. Vinyl or treated burlap must be

How to Choose a Utah Arborist for Your Tree Services

How to Choose a Utah Arborist for Your Tree ServicesHiring a skilled and experienced Utah arborist to perform tree services such as pruning, trimming, soil care and insect or disease control treatment is essential. Choose the right team for the job, and you can look forward to healthy, beautiful trees and expert advice regarding their ongoing care. On the other hand, if you make the wrong decision, trees that took decades to grow can become irreparably damaged. So what’s the best way to identify a qualified Utah arborist to handle your tree services? Check Utah Arborist Credentials Arborist training can come from several sources. Some tree experts attend college or university to earn an arboriculture or horticulture degree, for example, while others learn from on-the-job training at a plant nursery, landscape compa

Tree Services: Cabling & Bracing Can Save At-Risk Trees

Tree Services: Cabling & Bracing Can Save At-Risk TreesTree services such as cabling and bracing can provide support and help prevent failure of at-risk trees. Sometimes, trees develop a poor structure and can no longer support their own weight. Installing flexible, high-strength, steel-strand cables and braces can improve the structural integrity and longevity of at-risk trees. Essentially, this practice involves transferring weight from weak branches to stronger limbs that can better withstand severe weather conditions. At-risk trees can often be saved with proper cabling and bracing tree services from a certified arborist. Mature Trees If a mature tree limb has grown into a pronounced “U” shape, the weight of the canopy — along with the additional stresses of high winds, snow accumulation and wet foliage — can caus

Tree and Shrub Fertilization Guide for Utah Homeowners

tree-care-professionalTree and shrub fertilization provides plants with essential nutrients that may be missing from the soil. When properly applied, fertilizer promotes healthy, vigorous growth and poses no harm to people, pets or the environment. Fertilization can be beneficial to both new and established trees and shrubs. However, many gardeners seem to think that the more they fertilize, the better their plants will grow, and that simply isn’t the case. Applying too much fertilizer can lead to decline or even plant death and potentially harm the environment. Provide the right amount and type of fertilizer, however, and your shrubs and trees will remain beautiful, healthy and strong, year after year. When Should You Fertilize Trees and Shrubs? Proper timing is imperative for fertilizer a