Tree Insect Control: Putting the Squeeze on Stink Bugs

Tree Insect Control:Tree insect control services can help protect your landscape from the damaging effects of pest infestation. Brown marmorated stink bugs are somewhat new to Utah, as they were first detected in Salt Lake City in 2012. Since then, stinkbugs have grown to become a serious nuisance. In fact, these pests have already caused severe damage to commercial crops in our region. Stink bug management can be difficult, but an experienced tree insect control company can help you keep these destructive pests from undermining the health of your trees. What Are Stink Bugs? Brown marmorated stink bugs are shield-shaped flying insects that measure about a half-inch long. As their name suggests, these insects are mostly brown, but adults also have marbled gray and black areas. Eggs are ligh

Tree Trimming Practices: Why Topping Is NOT Recommended

Tree ToppingTopping is an extreme form of tree trimming in which the top of the trunk and upper main branches are cut down to stubs of a uniform height. Also known as stubbing, heading or dehorning, topping is done to reduce the size of a tree. Although you may think of this practice as a harmless haircut for trees, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Topping causes severe damage and may even lead to the death of a tree. Topping Reduces a Tree’s Ability to Produce Food Trees need a large leaf surface area for adequate food production. Topping removes much of the leaf canopy, which greatly reduces the amount of food that can be produced. This depletes stored food reserves that are critical for survival. Topping Leaves a Tree Vulnerable to Problems Cutting away large branches cr

Tree Removal Costs in Northern Utah

Tree Removal Costs in Northern UtahYou need to determine the cost of tree removal to budget properly for the project. We can give you an idea of what to expect in terms of the cost for removing trees in Utah. Factors that Affect Tree Removal Cost Generally speaking, the cost of removing a tree is based on four main factors: Height: Most companies charge a specific fee per foot. So the taller the tree, the higher the price. Condition: Trees that are leaning, those that have multiple trunks and any that are significantly decayed or dead are often more dangerous — and therefore, more costly — to remove. Diameter: Wider trees take longer to remove. And the longer a job takes, the higher the cost is. Location: Trees that are close to buildings, power lines or other areas that are difficult to acce

Our Certified Arborists Share 8 Tree-Care Tips for Spring

tree-care tips for springEvery certified arborist knows that springtime is one of the most important seasons for tree care. Giving trees some attention in the spring helps keep them healthy and strong for the upcoming growing season. Although it may not feel like it, spring is right around the corner. So we wanted to share some of our best pro tips with you for spring tree care in northern Utah. No. 1: Check for Winter Tree Damage Exposure to temperature fluctuations, drying winter winds and snow and ice storms can damage trees. A certified arborist can inspect trees for signs of winter injury and recommend an appropriate care and treatment regimen to minimize the effects of the damage. No. 2: Inspect for Insects and Disease Before leaves appear on your trees, an arborist can check the trunks

Tree Trimming Is Critical for Branches Overhanging Your Roof

tree trimmingWe understand that tree trimming may fall toward the bottom of your to-do list, particularly when the weather isn’t too agreeable. We all love our trees, but trimming is one of those tasks that doesn’t seem terribly pressing. However, in some cases, prompt trimming is a necessity. If you have any branches hanging over your roof, it’s important to address the problem immediately, as they may pose a hazard. Risks of Overhanging Branches Branches that hang over your home pose several threats, all of which can lead to costly damage. On windy days, overhanging limbs can scrape against the rooftop, damaging the shingles. When the asphalt is stripped away, the roof can easily develop leaks. Leaves from overhanging branches fall into the gutters. When gutters are cl