Stop Insects from Going Wild in Your Trees

Tree Insect Control Spring is in the air, which means insect control for trees is a priority for many garden owners around the country. Unfortunately, the warmer weather also brings insects and other pests in masse to the new greenery and blossoms in your yard — turning it into a free, endless buffet. Scale insects are some of the most common, and leave behind hard, colorful bumps on leaves and stems. They’ll suck the juices right out of your greenery, ultimately leaving behind a sticky residue that lures in other insects such as wasps, ants and flies. Acting quickly is key with any infestation, but especially when dealing with scale insects. If untreated, a tree can eventually die from a scale insect infestation. Spray insecticides don’t work well against these bugs, which have a wax coating tha

4 Shade Trees That Grow Quickly

Shade Tree Choosing the right kind of shade tree for your region will help keep trimming to a minimum and any insect/disease issues under control. Many homeowners need shade trees thriving in a hurry, which means quick growth and easy care. However, you don’t want to risk forcing a fast growth, because in those situations the tree often ends up weak — like the notorious silver maple, which almost always offers up weak wood. The princess tree can shoot up 15 feet each year, but these can be such a pain that some arborists call it “the biggest weed.” Slow and steady is the best approach to achieve healthy, strong trees, but what if you don’t have that kind of time? It’s time to re-define what “fast growing” means, because if you want your tree healthy, it’s two feet per year, m

3 Trees & Flowers to Plant in February

Rose Bush Did you know February is prime time to plant trees and flowers in some parts of the country? While it might seem a little chilly outside, spring is around the corner and avid gardeners can get a head start on their newest additions, if they know how to make the right choices. If you just can’t wait any longer to bust out your spade and new Crocs, here are a few gorgeous options: 1. Deciduous Fruit Trees While February is often cold and rainy (and as such not good weather for many plants), deciduous fruit trees can’t get enough of this wet weather. You’ll most likely find them bare root, so there won’t be any root soil or leaves. Nurseries have them in abundance this time of year, often in boxes. Most will be dormant, but you might find a few beginning to show leaves. I