After Tree Removal, Can You Plant a New Tree in the Same Spot?

After Tree Removal, Can You Plant a New Tree in the Same SpotTree removal can create a void in your landscape, detracting from the beauty and appeal of your property. Planting a new tree is a great way to solve that problem, but you must choose the location with care. You can plant a new tree where an old one was removed, but should you? You may want to take this approach if the planting site has sentimental value or is crucial to the overall landscape design. Keep in mind, however, that using the same location will require some additional effort on your part. For best results, consider consulting a Utah arborist for tree removal and replanting recommendations. Why a New Planting Site Is Better While it is certainly possible to replant in the same spot after tree removal, doing so isn’t ideal. Certified arborists usually recom

How Much Does Tree Stump Removal Cost?

How Much Does Tree Stump Removal CostAfter removing a tree, many homeowners want tree stump removal. Old stumps aren’t just unsightly — they’re dangerous, can attract insects and harbor disease. Due to the potential for property damage and the presence of underground utilities, removing a tree stump isn’t a do-it-yourself project. So how much will it cost to hire a professional tree services company? No two projects are exactly alike, so costs vary. But for most customers, the cost is under $500, and often much less. Average Costs for Stump Removal According to, the trusted home improvement marketplace, $298 is the national average stump removal cost. Most professional tree services companies charge between $2 and $5 per inch in diameter, measured at the stump’s widest point. Us

Tree Disease Control: Treating Trees Infected with Slime Flux

Tree diseaseTree disease control service — when performed by a certified Utah arborist — can help your trees overcome the effects of slime flux. Also known as wetwood, slime flux is a common bacterial disease that infects many popular northern Utah species, including elm, poplar, dogwood, maple, beech and willow. The bacteria gains entry through wounds from boring insects, improper pruning, broken branches and unintentional injuries by lawnmowers and construction equipment. With professional tree disease control, wetwood isn’t always a serious problem, and certified arborists have the skills to identify, manage and prevent slime flux. How to Identify Slime Flux Disease As the name of this tree disease suggests, slime is a major sign of an infection. The slime — which has a

Arborist Advice: Handling Tree Damage from a Lightning Strike

Handling Tree Damage from a Lightning StrikeCalling in a certified arborist is the best way to deal with tree damage from a lightning strike. Trees are like natural lightning rods — their height makes them targets. And with at least 30 million strikes occurring each year in the United States, there’s a good chance one of the trees on your northern Utah property could get hit one day. A lightning strike can cause significant tree damage, and without proper treatment for your tree, the issue could pose a danger to your home and family. If one of your trees is struck this summer, an experienced arborist will know how to handle the problem. Identifying Lightning Damage Experts say that a single lightning bolt contains enough energy to toast 100,000 slices of bread. So it should come as no surprise that, in many cas

Utah Tree Service Solutions for Common Tree Problems

utah tree servicesRegular tree services from a certified Utah arborist can help ensure that all your trees grow healthy and strong and continue to thrive year after year. Without proper care and attention, they can develop problems such as becoming vulnerable to disease or pest infestation. Utah trees can struggle with a variety of challenges, ranging from soil issues to environmental conditions, injury, damage and more. Lack of Nutrients Growing wild in the forest, trees benefit from nutrients in the soil that is constantly enriched through the natural ecosystem. Landscaping trees, on the other hand, often suffer from nutrient deficiency. In Utah, homeowners typically rake up and remove fallen leaves, twigs and bark, preventing the much-needed nourishment in this organic matte